The Cloud

The Cloud is becoming increasingly pervasive as businesses, large and small, and governments at all levels are migrating applications to the Cloud. Cloud security, however, is an ongoing issue, one exacerbated by the emergence of Edge and Fog computing technology designed to better accommodate the massive number of devices connected to the Cloud. The unique nature of the VIBE cryptographic schemas is that it can easily and successfully secure all elements of the Cloud, and the myriad applications it enables, as VIBE authenticates at the application level – from the Edge to the Core. This renders VIBE an ideal security solution for governments and enterprises, particularly those that use third-party services and applications for internal communication, data storage and computing resources. With VIBE, organizations can host their own Trusted Centres to issue private keys to secure all communications, and to fully protect their intellectual property.

Cloud applications that VIBE can more effectively secure include:

  • Encrypted Email
  • Secure Voice
  • Secure Record Management (i.e. in Healthcare and Social Services)
  • Secure Supply Chain and MRO Management
  • Secure Data Storage/Warehousing and Business Intelligence Services
  • Secure Building Management Services (BMS)
  • Any IoT Services with authenticated encryption demand

VIBE-enabled Cloud solutions easily and economically scale to any level, and deliver security at a level unparalleled in the industry.